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Zarh che pagal she
Zarh che pagal she
Title Song PANA  by Noor Jehan
Title Song PANA by Noor Jehan
LOFER -Tappay By Hamayun Khan Nelo
LOFER -Tappay By Hamayun Khan Nelo
Raogora Lag by Zaman Zaher & Humaira
Raogora Lag by Zaman Zaher & Humaira
Nagma Jaan - Zulfi Me Pa Zulfo
Nagma Jaan - Zulfi Me Pa Zulfo

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Khayal Mohammad  Khayal Mohammad (0)
Kifayat shah  Kifayat shah (0)
Latif Nangarhari  Latif Nangarhari (0)
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Mashooq Sultan  Mashooq Sultan (0)
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Nelo  Nelo (0)
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Rahim Shah  Rahim Shah (0)
Saima Naz  Saima Naz (0)
Sangeen Afridi  Sangeen Afridi (0)
Sardar Ali Takkar  Sardar Ali Takkar (0)
Sardar Yousafzai  Sardar Yousafzai (0)
Sarfaraz Afridi  Sarfaraz Afridi (0)
Seeta Qasemie  Seeta Qasemie (0)
Shaaz Khan  Shaaz Khan (0)
Shabnam  Shabnam (0)
Shah Farooq  Shah Farooq (0)
Shah wali  Shah wali (0)
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Usman Bangash  Usman Bangash (0)
Uzra Naaz  Uzra Naaz (0)
Wajeha  Wajeha (0)
Waqar tanoli  Waqar tanoli (0)
Wisaal Khayal  Wisaal Khayal (0)
Zafar IQrar  Zafar IQrar (0)
Zaman Zaheer  Zaman Zaheer (0)
Zar Sanga  Zar Sanga (0)
Zeb Khan  Zeb Khan (0)
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